Non-Sedation Dentistry

Non-Sedation Dentistry - An Alternative to more Traditional Procedures

It may be surprising to some parents who are seeking a pediatric dentist in North Scottsdale to find one that promotes non-sedation.  Dr. Noel W. Korf has over 30 years’ experience treating children’s oral health needs without unnecessary sedation. With effective communication, Dr. Korf helps patients feel comfortable through traditional dental procedures, therefore eliminating potential risks involved with sedation practices. 

Why would a pediatric dentist promote alternatives to sedation dentistry?

Alleviates Risks – There are risks involved in sedating patients of any age. Sedation medication can remain in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours -- most of that time is spent out of the doctor’s office. If a procedure can be comfortably completed with a general anesthetic, Dr. Korf will recommend it.
Limits Unnecessary Treatment – Most children can cope with the little pinch of the general anesthetic and do not require sedation for common procedures. 
Strengthens Tooth Care –When children understand the importance of good brushing and flossing habits, they are more apt to pay closer attention to their teeth and gums to prevent the need for extensive care that may require anesthetic or sedation. Our hygienists are trained to help educate children about oral health care.

When might dental sedation for children be necessary?

Regular dental visits, cleanings, and basic procedures like fillings do not require sedation treatment. Depending on the individual, Dr. Korf will discuss treatment options with parents when young patients require a root canal, have severely damaged teeth or have experienced a dental trauma.

Since a primary tooth is the best space maker for adult teeth, Dr. Korf aims to save a diseased or damaged tooth as best as possible before opting to extract it. Parents always have the option to request nitrous oxide to relieve a child’s anxiety. All patients are not the same and, at Dr. Korf’s office, everyone is treated on an individual basis. A child’s emotional state is just as important as their oral health. Communication is a great tool in our pediatric dentist office, as it is important for young patients to understand that our children’s dentist is their friend and is there to help them keep their mouth healthy. Dr. Korf and staff work together to provide a safe and comfortable environment that will prepare kids for long-term oral health.

Building Trusting Relationships

North Scottsdale pediatric dentist, Dr. Noel W. Korf has been very successful with his non-sedation approach to traditional children’s dentistry. Parents appreciate his efforts to work with children to better understand their oral health and to help build better brushing habits at home. Dr. Korf and his staff care for patients, treat them with respect, and answer their questions answered at every visit. When a dentist for children goes out of their way to build a trusting relationship with their patients and the parents, successful long-term results will follow. 
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