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As a pediatric dentist in North Scottsdale, Dr. W. Korf works with both parent and child in an effort to create a trusted patient/dentist relationship. Dr. Korf is dedicated to fostering an educational, non-sedation environment. He works to build strong preventive care habits to young patients and their parents to best protect primary teeth and procure a healthy foundation for permanent teeth and long-term oral health.

Non-Sedation Pediatric Care in North ScottsdaleNoel W. Korf, DDS

In his effort to educate children about their dental health, Dr. Korf firmly believes that sedation methods of treatment should be left for more difficult and extreme cases. In a non-sedation environment, Dr. Korf communicates to the children the importance of oral health as well as teaches them how to deal with uncomfortable situations. Pediatric dentistry is just as efficient using traditional anesthetics and some tender loving care. Dr. Korf’s North Scottsdale pediatric office staff work together to make the child friendly office a comfortable and relaxing dental environment.

In addition to anesthetics, Dr. Korf’s pediatric services include strategies such as:

Distraction – An assistant will talk to the patient during procedures (will even hold their hand if needed) to help keep their mind off of the procedure. When a child feels safe, there is less stress and anxiety during their visit. 

Child friendly language – Dr. Korf limits the use of any word that may scare or create anxiety. Children listen to phrases such as ‘a quick pinch’ or ‘putting your tooth to sleep’ when the doctor and staff help prepare the patient for what comes next.

Visually relaxing - The sight of dental equipment can be alarming for a child. In order to limit their view, the equipment tray is stationed out of the child’s immediate sight and sunglasses are worn to protect their eyes from the bright operatory lights. The open operatories also give young patients the chance to view other children in dental chairs who are doing just fine.  

Coping strategies – Instead of sedating a child for mild to moderate procedures, Dr. Korf will work with the children to learn how to cope with minor discomfort. He uses topical gel before administrating anesthetics and lets the child know that they will feel a quick pinch. When Dr. Korf describes the action as he is doing it, the child understands what is going on, pays attention to the doctor’s words (a distraction technique) and before the child realizes it, Dr. Korf is done. 

Lessons learned along the way – Children who have gone through procedures with Dr. Korf remember them. They are informed how and where better brushing and flossing will prevent problems. Because they were awake for the procedure, they have a better understanding of what happens if they don’t improve. Best life lessons are learned through experience and Dr. Korf captures every moment to teach the child about his/her long-term dental health.

Pediatric Dentist in North Scottsdale

Serving as a pediatric dentist in North Scottsdale for over 38 years, Dr. Korf has participated in procuring good oral health habits to many youngsters.  If you are in the North Scottsdale and surrounding area and are looking for a dentist for your child, please contact our office to schedule an appointment or find out more about Dr. Korf’s non-sedation approach to children’s dentistry.